U Gottabee Nutz Almonds, Rosemary & Meyer Lemon 4 Oz

Get vacation mouth! Natural ingredients. Nom. Yum. Nosh. Mmm. Nutz make you smile! yes, we are Nutz! When my great-grandfather Samuele moved to America and worked in the artichoke fields of California his parents thought, You gotta be nuts! (but in Italian). When he bought an 85 year old Franciscan winery, they said, You gotta be nuts! During prohibition when he opened up the Sebastiani Cannery in Sonoma, they said, You gotta be nuts! When my grandmother Sylvia published her own cookbook, Mangiamo! Let's Eat, of family recipes in the days of cooking encyclopedias, they said You gotta be nuts! After decades in the wine business, when my dad suggested we make something else - a snack that in one bite reminds us of being on vacation, they said You gotta be nuts! and I agreed, Dad, U Gottabee Nutz! - Donny Sebastiani. A serving of U Gottabee Nutz can be part of a healthier, more balanced, happier, fun and full life. No trans fats. Dry roasted. Non-GMO nuts. Gluten free. Made with natural ingredients. Great source of protein & fiber. Cholesterol free. Say hi at 707-933-1704. Twitter: (Hashtag)ugottabeenutz. Ugottabeenutz.com. Facebook. Made in USA.