Cape Cod® Wavy Cut Honey Bbq Waves Kettle Cooked Potato Chips 7.000 Oz

Cape Cod Honey BBQ Waves Kettle Chips are making waves with this delicious snack. We take choice potatoes and slice them thick, in a wavy cut with deep ridges. They’re cooked one, small batch at a time in custom kettles until they reach a golden-amber hue. Finally, they’re deliciously finished with a sweet hint of honey and a savory punch of barbecue sauce spices. The result is a sturdy ridged chip that is hearty as it is delicious. The unique wave shape of these kettle cooked chips is crafted to hold up to dip. These chips make a perfect lunchtime side and are delicious right out of the 7-ounce bag, as well as for dipping. Our potato chips are known for their high quality and remarkable flavor, so be sure to try all the traditional and distinctly unique varieties. Every distinctive chip somehow feels like an invitation to come savor everything that’s special about Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Chips.