Made In Nature Plums, Organic, Dried 6 Oz

As pioneers of organic snacks, Made in Nature has a 30+ year history traveling the world, walking the fields, collaborating with growers, rolling up our sleeves and getting dirty. Thankfully, we have more to show for our efforts than just crazy farmer tans. We have enabled farmers around the world to convert thousands of acres to organic farming. And thanks to your insatiable and voracious snacking indulgence (no judgment of course), we've been able to make positive impacts for all of our partners. Do we run into challenges? You bet. Delicious snacks don't just grow on trees. Well, in some cases, they do. But then the real work begins. Over time, we have instilled industry-leading standards for worker comfort, fair wages, working hours, education - the list goes on and on. But, honestly, some of this stuff seems, well, pretty common sense. We are 100% committed to doing well, by doing good - for people and the planet. And no matter your snacking occasion, persuasion or location, we are dedicated to providing you the most flavorful and delightful snacks, you Tween-Meal Munchers, Salty-snack attackers, Connoisseurs and Sweet-Tooth Satiater! We got you. Pitted, tree-ripened, unsulfured. Our dried plums (aka prunes) are tree-ripened to wrinkly perfection in warm, sun-soaked skies. They're soft, sweet and loaded with top-notch nutrition. They are not to be shunned, shooed, scorned or ignored. Because you'd be missing out. Our plums are loud and proud and ready for prime time. Powered by good intentions since 1989.