Terrazas De Los Andes Malbec, Altos Del Plata, 2011 750 Ml

Altitude: 1067 metres/3500 feet. Mendoza - Argentina. The wines of Altos del Plata come from one of most surprising landscapes within the highest mountains range of the Andes: the Cordon del Plata. Named after its brilliant and glistening peaks, the Cordon del Plata cultivates at its foothills, high-altitude vineyards nourished by its silvery pure water. This astonishing terroir provides the perfect conditions at the ideal elevation to express the maximum potential for each variety. Altos del Plata, varietal wines with authentic expression. Color: intense red, with violet highlights. Aroma: great intensity of fruit. Outstanding notes of cherries and forest berries, with subtle notes of caramel, spices and toast provided by oak aging. Palate: important structure. Its fruity intensity and roundness are its defining features and make it an elegant wine with high varietal typicity. www.terrazasdelosandes.com.ar. Alc. 14% by vol. Imported by Moet Hennessy USA, Inc. New York, NY. Wine of Argentina.